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Cottesloe civic centre

2020...A year that goes down in history - a year of change and uncertainty. Amidst all the chaos I am mindful that in such times we must remember our humanity above all else and treat each other with kindness and compassion. Div & Wei had their wedding plans turned upside down and at the last minute somehow miraculously organised 2 whole days and 3 beautiful ceremonies with a small and intimate gathering of family and loved ones. 

On Friday I photographed Div & Wei's Indian and Chinese tea ceremony and the next day played the role of videographer for their western ceremony at Cottesloe Civic Centre. I was lucky enough to see all 3 of Div's gorgeous wedding dresses and document 3 cultures of celebration. Smoke bombs, silhouettes and a first dance under the stars lit with just the shining phone torches of their guests. It was pretty spectacular. Their mega planned dinner reception was changed last minute to a junk food picnic with KFC...and it was still finger licking' good! Surrounded by your nearest and dearest, that's all you really need. I'll take feels over frills any day. 

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