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Perth Fine Art Photographer

Fine art portrait studio sessions take place  in my home studio based in Lansdale, Perth WA.  My portraits are minimalist and often subtly surreal capturing the beautiful emotion in each of the little ones to present a series of fine art imagery to display in your home. I will create captivating and intimate photographs that celebrate your uniqueness and individual personality. Children's portraits capture the innocence or cheekiness of their childhood so you can watch them grow in a series of images throughout the years.

I offer individuals and families a luxury experience with creative direction which includes styling advice on what to wear for the shoot. I also work closely with preferred hair and makeup artists if you wish to have your styling professionally done. You can be rest assured you will receive high quality fine art portraits that will leave you with lifetime memories.

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What are fine art portraits?

People often wonder how do you define fine art photography? Digital photography has changed the way people take photos. The goal of fine art photography is to express an idea, a message or an emotion through the photographers styling and editing techniques, therefore any photograph that has an artistic intent behind it can be considered fine art. This stands in contrast to photojournalism which provides a literal account of what the viewer sees, representing objective reality without manipulation. 

For many years fine art was only used in paintings and so much of the works of fine art photographers often have that 'painterly' feel. Fine art photography is created in line with the vision of the photographer as artist, using photography as a medium for creative expression. Some photographers also define fine art photography as photos that are worthy of hanging in a gallery.

My approach to fine art portraiture

I use the camera to create a piece of art. Since art means different things to different people and the interpretation of an artwork varies from person to person, the final product is a statement of my personal vision rather than a literal recording of the subject before my lens. I usually spend some time planning and composing each photograph true to my own unique style. Compositions are made carefully and purposefully and can include props and other elements.


Whether I'm photographing families, children or glamour portraits I tailor each session to every client to create authentic and timeless portraits. With fine art photography its often insufficient to communicate a message with just one image so I use a series of images to tell your story and create beautiful wall art to display in your home.

Displaying your Wall Art

Beautiful art is meant to be printed and displayed and there's nothing better than to decorate your walls with images of your little ones. A study by Emory University showed that kids who know their family stories (photos are one of the best ways to share stories) grow up to be more confident and happy. Memories are priceless and a collection of photos is among the most valuable assets you can own.

All of my printed products are produced at professional printing labs and carefully chosen for their quality and beauty.

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