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It was raining in the morning a few hours before the ceremony was scheduled to start but the clouds parted and the rain eased just in time for this beautiful outdoor ceremony in a lovely little neck of the woods. It was small and intimate with a few friends gathered to celebrate this union. I was there for just a few hours of their lifelong story to take photos and make sure this special time wasn't forgotten.


I'm always so honoured when another photographer chooses me to be their photographer. Its no wonder Chelsea chose the best locations and being my top two favourite in Perth I was on cloud nine the entire day! The Wanneroo pines is something out of a legendary fable with its towering pines and fluttering leaves that dance in the high boughs, twigs snapping and the crunch of dried leaves underfoot. The tranquil atmosphere set the stage with the soft music playing from the speakers waiting for the bride to arrive. 

Afterwards we set out to the Secret Garden - and ohhhh muhhhh gerrrddd this place will literally take your breath away! Velvety green everywhere with overgrown vines, a gentle stream, hidden amount of words can describe the beauty of this place...I'll let the photos do the talking! 

Here's a song to play while browsing this hypnotising beauty.

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